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Individual Membership

Join a like-minded community

Membership of the IAI is open to individuals – not companies – who are qualified GAI Diploma holders, students actively on the GAI education programme, or experienced practitioners of the architectural ironmongery trade.  IAI is the acronym for Institute of Architectural Ironmongers and this is the home of our individual members.

This makes belonging to the Institute a real benefit to each individual member personally, and one which can be taken from job to job.

IAI student

Ideal for GAI education programme students.

If you are currently enrolled on the Certificate in Architectural Ironmongery or GAI Diploma courses.

IAI full

Ideal for AIs committed to high quality work.

If you have achieved the GAI Diploma and want to continue to attend IAI branch meetings, networking and events. 


Ideal for architectural ironmongery professionals working towards their RegAI status.

If you have completed the GAI Diploma, you will be given this temporary membership while you complete your first year of CPD.

Registered Architectural Ironmonger

Ideal for ironmongery professionals who want to maintain high standards.

If you have achieved the GAI Diploma and met the CPD requirements, you will be given Registered Architectural Ironmonger (RegAI) status.