GAI now offering a new RIBA-approved CPD – Ironmongery, fire doors and intumescent protection

The GAI is happy to announce that its latest CPD, Ironmongery, fire doors and intumescent protection, has received RIBA approval. Co-created with Mann McGowan, it provides detailed information on fire doors, appropriate hardware and the impact of intumescent protection on both. 

After undergoing this CPD, members will have a greater understanding of: 

  • The importance of fire doors – knowing what they are, why we need them and the risks in not treating them properly
  • Correct fire door hardware – recognising the items of hardware which are essential to the performance of a fire door as well as the core essentials
  • Fire testing – awareness of the specifics of how fire doors are tested as well as relevant standards
  • Intumescent types and how they react – knowing each one of the three main types of intumescent and where they are used
  • Standards and regulations - being aware of standards for fire and smoke testing, acoustics and other relevant regulations

Douglas Masterson, GAI Technical Manager, commented: “We are committed to providing a detailed, wide-ranging and engaging programme of CPDs for our members and the wider community alike. By collaborating with sector experts Mann McGowan, we have, together, created a session that will bring participants up to date with all vital information concerning ironmongery, fire doors and intumescent protection.” 

The GAI and Mann McGowan will be co-hosting a webinar to go through the new CPD on 7 July at 9am and members can sign up by clicking here