What about essential work where you can't stay 2 metres apart?

Yesterday we saw the best poster in construction promoting social distancing on site (thank you Galliford Try!):

But what can you do if you're having to undertake ESSENTIAL work and can't observe the two metre social distancing rules?

An interesting piece of work has been published by two other trade associations from other sectors (BESA and the ECA) which offers some guidance on working in proximity when undertaking essential construction, maintenance or emergency call-out jobs. It suggests a hierarchy of measures that could be considered to keep workers safe if all other options to eliminate close working are not possible.

You can read the BESA / ECA guidance note here (PDF)

This is not official guidance, but it does come from two very reputable sources and is being promoted by BuildUK. We are also sharing this in case GAI members may find it useful.