GAI Members Webinar Programme Launch

We are delighted to announce that we are now launching with a series of GAI Webinars that are specifically for our GAI members. These webinars will be covering topics that are specific to the architectural ironmongery industry. Topics such as business advice, government updates and economic insights. 

Below are two webinars that we are launching this new programme with and we're confident that you'll find something to take away from each of them.  

CPA Economic Update 
Noble Francis, Economics Director, CPA

Noble Francis will be hosting a GAI webinar on 9 July at 9am BST. The webinar will cover what the recovery in the UK economy and construction may look like in the short and medium term following the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19. It will also look at some of the key uncertainties in the construction industry going forward as well as what the risks and opportunities are.

Noble is the Economics Director at the Construction Products Association, where he oversees one of the most respected teams of economists in the construction industry, producing the quarterly Construction Forecasts, Construction Trade Surveys and bespoke construction economics research. With a Masters Degree and PhD in applied economics, Noble has over 15 years of experience producing economic forecasts. He and his team’s work are regularly featured in the Financial Times and other national newspapers, construction trade press, television and radio.

In 2018 Noble was also appointed as a Honorary Professor of Construction Economics at The Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management at UCL.

How to market your business post-pandemic
Liz Male, Director, Liz Male Consulting

Liz Male will be hosting a GAI webinar on 23 July at 9am BST. This webinar will offer you expert advice and tips from Liz Male at Liz Male Consulting (the GAI’s PR and communications agency) about how to approach marketing and communications for the months ahead as we start to rebuild our businesses post-pandemic.
Suitable for architectural ironmongers, manufacturers and other businesses involved in the door hardware industry, Liz will tailor her advice for companies affected by the pandemic in different ways:

  • Maybe your business has been very heavily impacted, or you’ve never had to do much marketing in the past but now need to promote your business better in order to survive?
  • Or maybe your business is moderately impacted and you’re having to make savings, but can’t decide what bits of marketing and comms to cut and what to keep?
  • Or maybe your business is gearing up to invest in order to be the first off the blocks when recovery comes, but you need advice on where to focus that investment wisely?


In order to attend any of these presentations, members should register via the Events List page on the GAI website via this link.