Easing lockdown - what to think about now

The Government is currently preparing for the economic restart, anticipated as part of any relaxing of the lockdown, and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will be providing sector-specific guidance on social distancing in the workplace.

New rules regarding the easing of lockdown are expected to be announced on Sunday.

The draft guidance for construction that has been seen to date reflects the Site Operating Procedures which are already being implemented. See the GAI's article on 'How do the CLC's Site Operating Procedures apply to us?'

But many business campaign groups are also pressing the Government to set out a clear legal framework to ensure that employers that follow guidelines and do their best to protect staff are not sued if they reopen their workplaces and someone was was to fall ill or die from coronavirus.

If you are already keen to proceed with reopening your business and getting people back into the workplace, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  •  It looks likely that businesses will need to prepare, and possibly even publish, a coronavirus-specific risk assessment about how you will keep people safe at work. (We hope to bring you more guidance on this week).
  • Expect ongoing home working to be encouraged for some months yet, and enforced for many.
  • You may be required to stagger shifts and instruct your staff to stay clear of face-to-face meetings.
  • Think about how you will get face masks, gloves and other PPE to staff (but it should be non-medical grade PPE to avoid causing problems for the NHS).
  • Get the hazard tape ready - workplaces are likely to need clear floor markings to help keep workers at least two metres apart.
  • Review your hygiene and deep cleaning regime for the workplace.
  • Other restrictions that are likely will include no hot-desking, no staff canteens, increased distances between parking spaces, and restrictions on the sharing of lifts.

We will bring you a further update on these issues as soon as possible.


We discovered yesterday that some GAI and IAI members were targeted by a phishing email trying to get your credit card details.The email was titled ‘Membership update’ and even had a GAI logo on it.

** This was a scam. Please note that we have NOT issued a blanket email asking for card details, and we advise you to delete the email. **

We have reported this incident and are conducting further investigations into the source of the scam.
The Government has updated its guidance on fraud and cyber-crime to help businesses protect themselves, following an increase in the number of reported incidents of fraud and cyber-crime as a result of the rapid rise in home working.