Guidance from the UK Construction Leadership Council

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has set up a Construction Industry Task Force to provide a focal point for co-ordinating the industry's response to the current coronavirus disruption, and to help with the essential communication between the industry and Government.

This should help in reducing the often confusing or conflicting messages that have been circulating about what construction firms should be doing to stay safe, and to protect their staff and businesses too.

The Task Force is meeting on a daily basis to share market intelligence and to provide updates on issues of concern to the construction sector, as well as information about the support that is available to firms in the industry. This information is published on the CLC's website and is available to all firms and individuals working in the construction industry.

The GAI will be providing information to the CLC to help our sector. When important updates are issued by the CLC, we will also include these in our daily briefings to you.

So far, the CLC has:

  • Issued guidance on Site Operating Procedures consistent with the Public Health England guidelines - this the the official view on whether sites should remain open and, if so, how they should be managed. (NB. An update published on 2 April was subsequently withdrawn so the procedures dated 23 March 2020 still apply).

  • Launched an appeal for the construction sector to donate available PPE to the NHS.

You can use this guidance from the CLC to help inform your own decisions about your business, and to pass on trustworthy advice to clients and customers where appropriate.


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We will bring you other coronavirus business support updates on a daily basis. If there is a topic that you want help with, please let us know and we will try and find the answers for you.