Complete the construction leadership council's people survey

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) is calling for those working in the industry to complete its people survey by this Friday. 

This is the first cross-industry collection of data undertaken by all CLC members and other industry bodies.

The organisation has said the information it gathers would provide the CLC with some really valuable data that it can use to inform and drive its recovery planning. It focuses on topics around businesses’ staffing, training and employment needs. 

The survey, which can be accessed online, takes 10 minutes to complete.

The deadline for completing the survey is 4pm, Friday 5 June.


As you will probably be aware, last Friday the Chancellor announced a further extension to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. More details will also be published on 12 June, but it is already obvious that things like payroll processing and information submissions will now be more complex and time consuming.