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The work of the Guild relies on the valuable contributions of volunteer members across its various communities.

Each committee meets regularly to steer the the path of the organisation for the benefit of its members.

Julian Newman
GAI President

Mario Del-Signore
GAI Vice-President

Steve Bewick
GAI Treasurer

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is the governing body of the GAI and is formed and operates according to the Memorandum of Association and Memorandum of Articles.  The Executive committee sets the vision for the organisation and provides strategic advice to management.

The Executive Committee is comprised of member volunteers (except the salaried Director of the GAI) and appoints a Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer for two-year terms.  The composition of the Executive is ratified by the membership each year at the AGM.

Each year at least two seats on the committee become available for members to be nominated for.  In situations where there are more nominations that seats available, an online election will take place.  GAI full members (with no monies owing) can vote for their preferred candidates and each full member will be given one vote. 

If you are interested in nominating for a place on the Executive Committee, please contact angie.corkhill@gai.org.uk

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