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What is an architectural ironmonger?

Qualified architectural ironmongers work with architects, interior designers, contractors and others to schedule and specify the hardware for every door and window in a building. It’s a complex, responsible role, and a hard one to master, given that hardware is subject to more than 58 British and European standards.

Registered Architectural Ironmongers (RegAI)

What is a RegAI?

A RegAI is a fully qualified architectural ironmongery professional who has completed their GAI Diploma and has now committed to maintaining a high level of knowledge and keeping fully up-to-date with the latest legislation, industry standards and products through our CPD programme.  

To keep up their accreditation, a RegAI commits to keeping their knowledge of regulations and products up-to-date by earning CPD points every year.

We’d recommend that you consult with a RegAI if you need any advice on specifying hardware, especially on internal doors in a commercial environment and fire doors. 

Why do you need a RegAI?

  • Take the stress out of complex projects
  • Increase confidence knowing that you’re working with a professional who knows the latest industry standards, regulations and legislation 
  • Help putting together a compliant and robust door schedule
  • Best practice for security, safety and accessibility  
  • High-quality, reliable advice for you and your client