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Industry Updates

The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers, the leading industry body, represents the architectural ironmongery industry through participation on a number of standards committees held by the construction industry and also provides responses to consultations on behalf of the industry.

This page provides some of these industry responses and updates:

The UK Government has issued building safety advice for building owners on the measures they should take to ensure their buildings are safe. This advice included specific information on fire doors within this it states “It is important that all fire doors, including the compulsory closers, are routinely maintained by a suitably qualified professional”.

Therefore, to assist those involved in the routine maintenance of door closing devices, the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers has prepared a ten-point checklist, which:

a) Provides some appropriate recommendations on what to check on the door closing device itself.
b) Details how to assess other factors which could impinge on the closer’s ability to perform its correct operation.
c) Provides further recommendations on these matters.



This page also provides a home for wider industry-related documents which will be of use to members including:

For further details relating to any of these publications please contact GAI Technical Manager Douglas Masterson on technical@gai.org.uk