BIM Product Data Templates (PDTs)

Product Data Templates (PDTs) are an essential document in Building Information Modelling (BIM) and are templates which help generate information about a specific product. When a manufacturer completes a PDT it becomes a PRODUCT DATA SHEET (PDS), in other words a ‘digital’ description of the product. Subject to respecting the terms of use of the PDT, the manufacturer owns the PDS and is free to use it on its website and in any library it chooses. The manufacturer then remains responsible for the accuracy and completeness of its data on the PDS, in the normal way.

In our latest member benefit, the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) has created a considerable number of PDTs from which manufacturers can input their product information and create their own Product Data Sheets. Utilising PDTs and PDSs will assist manufacturers with compliance to BIM level 2.

There are thirty-five individual PDTs broken down in to sub sections and a further quantity of PDTs will be released during 2018.

To access this information you must be a member of the GAI, if you are an existing member please click HERE.