Securing door and window hardware knowledge for life

Jamie Reid, who works as a security sales representative for Allgood Trio, completed the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers’ (GAI) education programme in 2016.

Jamie joined Allgood plc group five years ago, starting out as an apprentice in the marketing department. After being promoted to marketing assistant, Jamie was put forward for the GAI’s Certificate in Architectural Hardware (CiAH) to gain a better understanding of ironmongery products.

“From a marketing perspective, understanding what differentiates us from our competitors helps us to better market our products to customers rather than just saying generic things,” said Jamie. “It also enables us to back up what we’re saying with genuine technical knowledge without needing to check with members of the technical team.”

Once learners have gained their CiAH, they can continue their studies to achieve the GAI Diploma. The Diploma focuses entirely on the skills and learning needed for scheduling, and is of particular importance to those architectural ironmongers working on projects being built to UK and European standards across the globe.

Halfway through the second academic year of the Diploma programme, Jamie moved from the marketing team to Allgood Trio to start his current role as a security sales representative. He finds the knowledge he has gained from the qualification is invaluable in his new role.

“I use the knowledge I’ve gained from the CiAH and the Diploma every day. It gives you a broad overview of the all door and window hardware products across the whole industry, not just the sector your company specialises in.”

“Whilst studying for the CiAH and Diploma, we had a lot of support from our company directors and senior management team. They took us through past papers and the managers of each department led sessions where we could ask questions about specific products which was really helpful.”

Jamie finished the Diploma and graduated at the GAI Education Awards in 2016. He is one of over 2500 people who have completed the Diploma since the education programme began in 1961.

Rachel Tipton, education manager, said:

“The training we offer doesn’t stop at the Diploma. The Guild provides a variety of continual professional development (CPD) programmes and courses that are designed to help our member companies give their employees the tools to become workplace experts.

“Once individuals have made this commitment to CPD, they are recognised as a Registered Architectural Ironmongers (RegAI). We currently have more than 200 CPD and RegAI members on the scheme.”

Those interested in enrolling in the Diploma programme must register by 14 January 2018. If you are interested in hearing about other training programmes and courses we have available please email

Further information on the GAI Diploma programme can be found at: