IAI awarding success in Hong Kong


An enthusiastic turnout of around 40 people at the September meeting of the HK branch of the IAI was rewarded with a trio of presentations from key GAI and IAI representatives from the UK. GAI President Maria Powell opened proceedings at the DORMA Showroom, North Point with an overview of her Conference held earlier this year and the message it conveyed about relishing the challenges brought about by accelerating technologies. She was followed by an Institute update from Chairman Mario Del-Signore, who looked back at the Institute's roots while also addressing future plans. Mario encouraged greater dialogue between all IAI branches whether in the UK or elsewhere in the world. The final presentation of the evening from Chief Executive Gary Amer focussed on the brand new Education Hub, launched less than 24 hours prior. Gary explained how the project had been planned and executed to the point where it went live on the 28th September, enabling students to enrol, pay online and commence studying virtually straight away. The main GAI Education programme, comprising newly named Stages 1, 2 & 3 is now accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world. Gary demonstrated how the platform operates using a sampler from the Hub, featuring video clips, animations and self-checking points.

The HK IAI branch – chaired by John Tibbs who took over from James Wong a short time ago - has an active and engaged committee. The evening's proceedings were deputised over by Chris Sin in John Tibbs' absence. The passion and commitment of this group to their own learning and to continuous professional development was clearly evident.

The finale of the evening was when those who have successfully completed their Certificate in Architectural Ironmongery or Diplomas were awarded their framed certificates by Gary and Maria. There were a great many proud, smiling faces during the evening, which concluded with a special presentation to James Wong by Gary and Mario in recognition of the huge contribution he has made to the first 3 years of the branch's existence. Dorma's hospitality, in providing their wonderful showroom facility, was appreciated with a specific vote of thanks expressed to Nelson Wong.

With yet to be announced prize winners amongst them, this branch of the IAI proves that distance is no barrier to learning and thriving in the world of Architectural Ironmongery. It was a sensational evening!