Exam success for GAI students

Students who sat their Diploma (stage 3) or Certificate in Architectural Hardware (stages 1 & 2) examinations in June this year were notified of their results on 22 August.

The examinations were sat by 361 people across all three stages of the programme, at 42 locations in 27 different countries around the world. Overseas learners represented 47% of the total.

The results show that 40 students attained the prestigious GAI Diploma (DipGAI) and 87 successfully passed achieved their Certificate in Architectural Hardware.

Maria Powell, GAI President said: “I am so proud of the achievements of our students this year. These are not your ordinary markers of success in a specialist industry, but genuinely tough and meaningful qualifications for hardware professionals. I am really looking forward to congratulating the newly qualified Diploma professionals at our Education Awards lunch on 2 November.”