Any time is right to start your Diploma

Wayne Marlor, technical sales representative at CTS Ironmongery Ltd, completed the GAI Diploma programme in 2017.

After working for CTS Ironmongery for 26 years, Wayne decided to take his ironmongery knowledge to the next level and enrolled in the Diploma.

“There is no age or career limit for the GAI education programme. I was 48 when I started the Diploma,” said Wayne. “Age shouldn’t be a barrier to learning, you’re never too old to commit to developing your knowledge and skills. I decided that I wanted to learn more about the job I’ve been doing for years so I signed up for the education programme.”

CTS Ironmongery also sells builders’ hardware, hand and power tools and fixings. As an on-the-road sales rep, Wayne deals with a range of different customers needing ironmongery.

“I meet a lot of joiners and shop fitters who have been in the trade all of their lives, but they aren’t aware of the laws that go with hardware. Having this qualification shows our customers that we take ironmongery seriously and that they should too.”

“I know the products I sell inside out. I can tell you all of their features and where they can and can’t be used, but I wanted to get clarity on the rules and regulations that surround ironmongery.

“The Diploma has also given me more confidence to talk about our products in context. I can back up my existing knowledge with what I’ve learnt from the course to give our customers all of the information they need about the products they are purchasing.”

As part of his studies, Wayne attended the three-day residential course in Wolverhampton in March 2017 along with 12 other learners.

“I found the residential course incredibly useful; I don’t know if I would have got through the final exam without it. It was great to go through past papers and see the best way to answer certain types of questions. I also really enjoyed meeting the other people who were also taking the Diploma.”

As of 2017, over 2500 people have completed the GAI Diploma since the education programme began in 1961.

Rachel Tipton, education manager, said:

“The education programme is not for just a particular age, a specific job role or for one type business. The course content is designed to give all learners a broad overview that teaches them everything they need to know about architectural ironmongery.

“At the Guild we want our education programme to be inclusive and Wayne is a great example and an inspiration to others who may feel that the course is not accessible to them. You can come and do the course any time in your career; there’s always the opportunity to gain new knowledge.”

Those interested in enrolling in the Diploma programme must register by 14 January 2018.

Further information on the GAI Diploma programme can be found at: