RegAI status is the benchmark standard for architectural ironmongery and one which lies at the very heart of what the GAI stands for – the highest possible standards of education and professionalism. This status requires that every architectural ironmonger is a qualified GAI Diploma holder and has been able to prove they are fully up-to-date with industry standards, regulations and legislation.

Attendance at Institute of Architectural Ironmongers Branch meetings is an integral part of being a Registered Architectural Ironmonger within the UK. The IAI currently have branches in theSouth West, South Central, South East, Midlands, North West, North East, Wales, Hong Kong, Dubai and Ireland(Northern and the Republic).Check the calendar for upcoming meeting dates.

Earning RegAI status

Diploma holders who wish to become RegAI must register to collect CPD points throughout the calendar year, and then apply for RegAI status at the end of the year having collected the requisite 10 CPD points.

Maintaining RegAI status

RegAI Coursework

In order to gain CPD points, annual coursework log sheets must be completed. You can access, complete and return these electronically. All CPD activities completed must be recorded on a log sheet.

CPD/RegAI Log Sheets

Training Manuals

Education training manuals can be accessed here. If login details have been mislaid then call or email, quoting your RegAI number.


Full Membership for GAI Diploma Holders: £50 + VAT pa

CPD Membership working towards RegAI status for GAI Diploma holders: £50 + VAT pa

RegAI Membership for those who have completed their ongoing CPD programme: £70 + VAT pa

Affiliate Membership for those working within the AI industry: £40 + VAT pa

To apply for membership please contact stating which membership you require.

The List

Browse through ‘The List’ of RegAI’s who are all members of the IAI and qualified DipGAI’s. The list will be regularly updated.

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