One Future Vision


One Future Vision is the name given to the change programme first initiated by former president Maria Powell in 2016. Its agenda came out of two workshops with GAI and IAI members and some market research among members carried out in 2015, all of which pointed to evidence that we needed to look again at how the GAI and IAI serves the architectural ironmongery sector and the benefits provided to members.

The group is now driven by our current president David Stacey and the IAI chair, Jo Milne-Rowe. It has the backing of all the officers, and also includes other representatives from the GAI and IAI (not just the executive committee). The group has met multiple times and has worked its way through many big questions.

Should we merge the GAI and IAI? Should we seek chartered status for members? Should we still be run by volunteers, committees and local branches? Should the GAI Diploma become an externally accredited, academic qualification that others could offer too? Should we fundamentally redefine our role and mission? Should we change our name, even?

Some of these issues are still being explored or debated. Unsurprisingly, some have opened up yet more questions. But the biggest question of all – are we brave enough to change? – has already been met with a resounding ‘yes’. So while you may not have felt it directly yet, major change is already underway.