IAI Membership

Benefits of Full membership include:

  • access to the IAI’s respected Continuing Professional Development programme. Either collect CPD points towards gaining or retaining RegAI status or use the informative presentations to keep up to date with industry developments.
  • an electronic update on matters affecting the Institute and its members through a specific IAI e-bulletin.
  • updates on the latest developments on standards and practice through free copies of the Architectural Ironmongers Journal – the GAI’s official publication.
  • full members are entitled to use the designated letters MInstAI on business cards and letters, plus a personal IAI membership card as proof of commitment to excellence.
  • There are nine branches around the UK: South West, South Central, South East, Midlands, North Central, North & Borders, Wales, Scotland and Ireland (Northern and the Republic). Internationally there are two branches in Hong Kong and Dubai.

    Note: members of the IAI do not benefit from the GAI Technical Helpline or have access to the Members Only section of the GAI website unless they are directly employed by a member company of the GAI.

    There are five types of membership:

    IAI Full – Full members are GAI Diploma qualified, enjoy full member benefits but are not required to complete ongoing education to retain status.

    IAI Affiliate – Affiliate members are not required to be GAI Diploma qualified, but must be working within the Architectural Ironmongery industry.

    IAI Student – Student members are currently enrolled on the GAI Diploma course.

    RegAI - Registered Architectural Ironmongers are individuals who hold the DipGAI qualification and have displayed on-going commitment to keeping personal knowledge up to date by attaining 10 CPD points per annum post GAI Diploma graduation.

    IAI CPD – Individuals who are working towards gaining their RegAI status, the collection of 10 CPD points is required over a full year (Jan-Dec) post GAI diploma graduation.

    If you are interested in becoming a member please e-mail the Membership and Education Assistant, Abby Wong on abigail.wong@gai.org.uk.

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