Chairman: Tony Alverez



The second International branch of the Institute was launched at the Dubai World Trade Centre on the evening of Tuesday 26 November. The positive extent to which to the GAI's Education Programme has been taken up in the Gulf is a clear measure of its recognised value and importance as an educational standard. It is strong evidence of a person's professional competence in challenging markets. Many students of the Programme from the Gulf have successfully attained the GAI Diploma or are presently undertaking their educational journey.

The aim of the branch is to organise a schedule of 4 meetings per year for the benefit of its members. The meetings are informal and provide the opportunity to learn, network and socialise. Most meetings will present personal development (CPD) opportunities and there is also the possibility of staging social events so that attendees can simply enjoy the benefits of networking.

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Chairman: Ian Mullally DipGAI, MInstAI


Tel: 00353 87242 9915

The Ireland branch was formed in 2009 and hold meetings in both Eire and Northern Ireland. If you would like to find out more information or express interest please contact Ian.

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Chairman: Karen Nelson, DipGAI, MInstAI, RegAI



The branch continues to have well supported meetings during the year with excellent presentations from speakers covering a number of subjects. The average attendance at our meetings remains at approx. 25.

One of the main focuses of the branch committee is to hold meetings across the region making them accessible to all. Previously, meetings have generally been held in the Wolverhampton/Walsall area, making it difficult for people south of Birmingham or in the East Midlands to attend. However, we are aware of the impact of this policy on our core meeting attendees who predominantly live in the West Midlands area.

In line with IAI guidelines, we are also committed to ensuring that all presentations held at our meetings are worthy of CPD status and therefore relevant to our Registered Architectural Ironmongers.

I feel it’s important to let people know that these meetings are relaxed and relatively informal as well as educational as at the end of the day they are giving up their spare time to attend.

It is also important to let people know that these meetings are more than just a learning platform; they provide a base for a social gathering where everyone can talk shop or chat; and quite often problems can be thrashed out and resolved regarding a particular issues just by talking about it over a drink after the presentation.

Another aim is to organize presentations from companies from the other side of the industry, such as Test Facilities, Building Control & Door manufacturers.

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North & Borders

Chairman: Simon Sutton


Tel: 07825 247 347

The North & Borders Branch was established at the beginning of 2016. It encompasses the area previously covered by the North East Branch, and spans all the way over to the West Coast and Northern-most border of England. Meetings are held in Carlisle:

Carlisle Brass, Parkhouse Rd, Carlisle CA3 0JU

Meetings attended by a broad spectrum of AI’s, students, manufacturers and industry stalwarts!

  • Provide quality CPD through a structured program of presentations
  • Provide a platform for local AI’s to voice their opinions
  • Encourage networking amongst the local AI community.
  • If you want to further your knowledge, add your voice, talk shop, present your products, or vent your spleen please come along and see us. Our meeting dates can be found by clicking the Branch Meetings link to the left.

    T:01626 834 252 

    M:07825 247 347

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    North Central

    Chairman: Amanda Haley


    Tel: 01924 438 112 ext 257

    The North Central Branch of the Institute Section has been established for a number of years and is committed to providing its Members and guests with educational events and networking opportunities in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Our meetings start with a complimentary buffet when Members can meet and have a chat before we launch into a CPD talk or product presentation. We try to lay on CPD events that cover topics for the year’s compulsory and optional workbooks that are mandatory for completion by the Registered Architectural Ironmongers amongst us./p>

    Regular Branch meetings are held throughout the year and fall on the first Wednesday of a month. We do not meet during the summer months as we find that our Members often have other plans during the holiday period. The last meeting of the year tends to be a relaxing social event such as a general knowledge quiz. Attendance at the meetings fluctuates but averages at around twenty people, although this is drawn from a much larger number of regular attendees.

    If you would like your name to be added to our electronic mailing list please email us at We are always pleased to see new faces and hope that you will visit us soon. 

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    South Central

    Chairman: Roy Buckingham


    Tel: 07976 744678

    Meeting address: 

    The Navigator
    286 Bridge Road
    Lower Swanwick
    SO31 7EB
    Tel: 01489 572123

    The meetings are currently held at the same venue on the first Thursday of the month. The event usually starts around 18:45 with hot food and the meeting starts around 19:15. The hotel has excellent facilities including restaurant, bar & accommodation.

    The South central Branch has a loyal core group who always attend and they provide a strong base for the Branch. Average numbers of attendances for the meetings is around 20.

    I would like to try and get more of the local Architectural Ironmongers to attend on a regular basis and would also like to try to encourage students to attend the meetings.

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    South East

    Chairman: Samantha Thatcher



    Our meetings nearly always take place within Central London but occasionally we will meet in the Home Counties. We aim to have at least six CPD sessions per year and one social event, usually a quiz around the Christmas period. Over the years the need for CPD points has become a driving force for meetings; however we are keen that a number should have a return to basics feel to help students. Members start arriving around 5.00 and we commence proper at 6.30 with a buffet. Presentations start at 7.00 and 9.00 people are either finding their way home or propping up the bar. There is a generous social element to all of our branch meetings. Typical attendance is around the 25-30 mark and the atmosphere tends to be good natured and jovial. New members are always welcome.

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    South West

    Chairman: Debbie Chance DipGAI, MInstAI, RegAI, DipFD


    Tel: 07720683718

    Vice Chairman: Dave Heal 


    Meeting Address:    The Beambridge Inn                             
                                 Sampford Arundel
                                 TA21 0HB

    Telephone: +44 (0)1823 672223
    Fax: +44 (0)1823 674312

    Monthly meetings & venue:
    The meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings start around 19:30, (You can usually find us gathering in the bar area before this time) We enjoy an excellent selection for hot food, served at an interval in the proceedings. 

    At the South West Branch we have enjoyed a number of well attended presentations, covering a broad spectrum of ironmongery related topics. The meetings have a friendly and informal feel and it is usual to experience an interactive yet polite discussion of issues raised by the speaker.

    We host a number of CPD presentations to aid the progression of industry qualifications (Reg AI) difficult subjects can be unpacked with the help of the wealth of our members knowledge. We would encourage student members in the area to come along and experience this resource for themselves as they work toward their diploma.

    The branch has been the recipient of generous support from many industry leading companies as well as professional Individuals who 'know their stuff'. This rich tradition of quality meetings, is our continued aim for the months ahead… We invite you also to share with us in this future.

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    Chairman: Mark Crimmins


    Tel: 07384460532

    Best western - Aberavon Beach Hotel

    Port Talbot
    SA12 6QP
    Tel: 01639 884949 to book room.

    Meeting date: third Tuesday of the month

    The Welsh branch of the institute is a well-established branch offering its members, students and guests the chance to further enhance their knowledge keep up to date with changes within the industry and exchange thoughts and ideas in informal and comfortable surroundings. The branch welcomes student members, those who are new to the industry and anyone who wishes to take an interest in ironmongery specification.

    We regularly hold CPD presentations and try to cover as many different subjects as possible. Attendees are encouraged to suggest topics that they would like covered and we always include presentations that cover the compulsory papers and workbooks for registered AI’s.

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    Hong Kong

    Chairman: Nelson Wong


    Tel: 02070332486

    The Hong Kong branch of the institute was inaugurated on the 8th of November 2012 at the British Consulate General Hong Kong. Since then we have held further meetings and the committee members have grown from the original to eight.

    Our goal is to offer members, students and interested guests from within the door hardware industry and other professional institutions to attend CPD registered presentations to learn more about products and standards in architectural ironmonger. These events also combine with an informal evening of meeting fellow colleagues for a finger buffet.

    We all work in an ever changing world and the construction industry is one which faces new regulation and requirements on a regular basis. Attending the CPD presentations allows you not only to receive training on a particular element of the door ironmongery package for a building, but invites open conversation and discussion between attendees' on day to day issues.

    The committee uphold the maintaining of standards within our industry and believe in passing on to the next generation of Architectural Ironmongers continuous quality training and support.

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