About us

Institute membership is open to individuals who are qualified GAI Diploma holders, students studying on the GAI education programme, or professionals of the AI trade. This makes belonging to the Institute a real benefit to each individual member personally, and one which can be taken from job to job.

Whether you are a student working towards a level one, two or three examination, a GAI Diploma holder looking to gain or retain RegAI status, or simply a practising AI who wants to stay at the cutting edge of the industry, joining the Institute of Architectural Ironmongers (IAI) and becoming a member presents a great opportunity.

For further information on the various types of membership we offer please click here.

This is not to be confused with being a member company of the GAI.

Over the past 12 months it has become apparent just how much we as an institute have achieved. To demonstrate how we are 'getting stuff done' and the IAI's commitment to providing the best service and benefits to our members we have developed the visual representation below.

Looking ahead,  we have embarked on a very exciting campaign both internally and externally to really promote the interests of you, the RegAI, the professionals of our industry.

And there is more. Look out for:

  • New CPD initiatives from the working party
  • We want your input, whether it be at branch level, presentations to the membership, lets keep the momentum going – get involved!
  • Remember it is your institute, our future