One Future Vision

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This is where the One Future Group has laid down the gauntlet to you as we are starting an international research project to get your views. Now is the opportunity for all members to play a very direct and influential part in the future of the GAI and IAI.

The research will be led by Don Schaaf & Friends Inc (ds+f), a very experienced international strategy, research and rebranding agency which has come to us highly recommended for its work with the DHI (Door and Hardware Institute) and many other associations and membership organisations.

The researchers are seeking the opinion of current members and students, potential members, lapsed members, and from people in other relevant sectors. We will listen to both individual and corporate perspectives, from all cultures and all countries of the world where the GAI and IAI are active. We are testing the value of all our offerings and we want to understand in depth what is needed to attract and retain members for the future. How do we stay relevant, inclusive and valuable to an industry that is going through so much change itself?

Interviews by video conferencing and telephone will be set up with at least 150 members and students, backed up with focus groups to delve even deeper and an online survey sent to everyone. If you would like to pose a question, comment or point of view to the One Future Vision working group, please do so by emailing