One Future Vision


We are implementing changes which will impact on each and every member of the GAI and the IAI around the world, and ultimately all our customers, within a year. The pace is now stepping up.

Phase one will include the introduction of a new membership database and significant new back office systems that streamline all our membership communications. Your next membership renewal will be online and you will have your own login to manage your own profile and preferences. You will receive more personalised communications, see better newsletters and access a much improved website. You will be able to book all our events online.

These are good first steps in improving communications. But how about the bigger picture about the future function, form and governance of the GAI and IAI?

This is where the One Future Group has laid down the gauntlet to you. Now is the opportunity for all members to play a very direct and influential part in the future of the GAI and IAI. How best do you want to benefit from being part of this community of expertise?