One Future Vision


What is One Future Vision?

One Future Vision is the name given to the change programme first initiated by former president Maria Powell in 2016, and is now driven by our current president David Stacey and the IAI chair, Jo Milne-Rowe.

Its agenda came out of two workshops with GAI and IAI members and some market research among members carried out in 2015, all of which pointed to evidence that we needed to look again at how the GAI and IAI serves the architectural ironmongery sector and the benefits provided to members.

You can find out more about the background to this work, and the outcomes so far, on this web page.

Where can I find out more?

We're keen to engage with as many members as possible throughout this process.  To facilitate this, we have worked with the IAI branch chairs to arrange question and answer sessions at branch meetings throughout September, October and November.  Your local branch will be visited by David Stacey (GAI President) or Julian Newman (GAI Vice-President), Jo Milne-Rowe (IAI Chair) and Angie Corkhill (Director).  Please come along to hear more about the project and to ask any questions that you may have.  You can register for the meetings as you usually do for your IAI branch meetings.  Our timetable is:

24 September - Carlisle

3 October - Wellington

4 October - Southampton

9 October - Willenhall

25 October - London

14 November - Huddersfield

22 November - Hong Kong

26 November - Dubai

We're working on dates for Wales and Ireland at the moment.  In the meantime, if you are in these areas and have any questions please contact us directly.

in the meantime

Who is on the One Future Vision group?

The group is made up of representatives from both the GAI and IAI (not just the executive committee), including:

  • David Stacey
  • Julian Newman
  • Maria Powell
  • Angie Corkhill
  • Colin Campbell
  • Mario Del-Signore
  • Jo Milne-Rowe
  • Wayne Harris
  • Paul Johnson
  • Jon Simms

What has the One Future Vision group done so far?

The group has met multiple times and has worked its way through many big questions, including:

  • Should we merge the GAI and IAI to create a new organisation, with a new name and governance structure?
  • Should we fundamentally redefine our role and mission?
  • Should we seek chartered status for members?
  • Should the GAI Diploma become an externally accredited, academic qualification that others could offer too?

Some of these issues are still being explored or debated. Unsurprisingly, some have opened up yet more questions.

But the biggest question of all – are we brave enough to change? – has already been met with a resounding ‘yes’. So while you may not have felt it directly yet, major change is already underway.

The pace is now stepping up. We are implementing changes which will impact on each and every member of the GAI and the IAI around the world, and ultimately all our customers, within a year.

What is this new research programme?

We are starting an international research project to get your views on the big issues being discussed by the One Future Vision group.

The research will seek the opinion of current members and students, potential members, lapsed members, and from people in other relevant sectors. We will listen to both individual and corporate perspectives, from all cultures and all countries of the world where the GAI and IAI are active.

We are testing the value of all our offerings and we want to understand in depth what is needed to attract and retain members for the future. How do we stay relevant, inclusive and valuable to an industry that is going through so much change itself?

Why is this research so important?

This major project goes well beyond a simple amalgamation of two organisations or the design of a new brand. It’s much bigger than that.

New products, services, programmes, structures and governance cannot be decided without members’ involvement and opinions.

We need to build an organisation that is inclusive for individuals and corporates that is relevant for today and the future. This is step change, and it must be determined with the direct input of all members.

Who is conducting the research?

We have commissioned Don Schaaf & Friends Inc (ds+f), a very experienced international strategy, research and rebranding agency from the US, to conduct this research on our behalf.

Ds&f comes highly recommended to us following its work on the rebranding of the DHI (the Door and Hardware Institute) and many other associations and membership organisations.

We have chosen an agency based outside the UK because we do need to ensure a fully international perspective on the research and rebrand. The greatest membership growth for the GAI and IAI currently comes from outside the UK.

What is the timescale for this research?

The research among GAI and IAI members, students, prospective members, lapsed members and others starts in September 2018. We hope to have the first results by the end of 2018, and will role out most of the big changes through 2019.

How do I get involved?

Everyone will receive a link to the online survey later this year.

In addition, at least 170 members and students will be asked to participate in a video or telephone interview or a focus group.

Anyone can also submit a question, comment or point of view by emailing

How do I find out about the results of the research?

We want absolutely everyone to be engaged with this change programme. So this page in the members’ area of the GAI website, presentations at events and a regular newsletter will keep you updated on the whole process, and the results when they are known.

If you need information to share with colleagues, or a presentation about One Future Vision to share at a branch meeting, please get in touch by emailing

What will happen once the research is completed?

The research informs our big strategic decision, but the details will still need working through. Separate groups are likely to be needed to look at the implementation of how we improve the organisation, promote members, raise awareness and grow.

To volunteer to take part in this process, please contact us by emailing

How can I submit a question about One Future Vision?

We welcome all questions, comments and points of view. Just email us at by emailing