Membership Options

Membership options

Full membership:

Distributors of architectural ironmongery and manufacturers producing architectural ironmongery (who have a clearly defined distribution policy) in support of AI’s.

The company must employ at least one person holding the GAI Diploma.

Affiliate membership:

Distributors of architectural ironmongery and manufacturers who do not satisfy the Full membership criteria, eg; do not employ a GAI Diploma holder. Affiliates can only be members for 5 years and should have a minimum of one person on the GAI Diploma Programme.

Associate membership:

Companies and organisations that operate outside of the Architectural Ironmongery industry, who conduct business in a manner compatible with the interests and standing of the GAI and its members. Associates must be able to provide a product or service to the industry and GAI members without conflict of interest.

Enterprise membership

This brand new category has been designed to attract start-up companies and entrepreneurs into GAI membership. If a company has traded for less than 12 months and is not yet at the size or scale of a full member, this temporary membership category allows it to become fully involved in the GAI and benefit from a whole range of services at a very early stage in its development. Once awarded, the category only has a 24 month period to run, after which the company must apply to become a full member. 


  • All applicants must have been trading for no longer than two years.
  • Confirmation of membership is likely to be subject to inspection of trading premises.

Interested in membership?

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  • IAI membership (Individual)

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