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The GAI Education Hub - providing our programmes wherever you are in the world.

You will find  The Certificate in Architectural Hardware (Stages 1 and 2) and The GAI Diploma (Stage 3) on the education hub.

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Here is a sample from one of the modules from the Stage 1 syllabus, which we are proud to promote this influential educational tool for the GAI membership.

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With the education hub those studying will be guided through the syllabus in a way that their predecessors have not experienced before. The core curriculum consists of what the learner needs to know to be an architectural ironmonger; and the method of delivery is entirely online and globally accessible.

In summary the education hub provides:

  • The Stages 1 and 2 entirely online, including all course work and exams.
  • The Certificate in Architectural Hardware consists of 12 modules that focus on the core curriculum of what a qualified architectural ironmonger is required to know.
  • The 12 modules at each stage are arranged into four learning blocks with helpful explanations, animations, video clips, etc, all geared to engage learners in easily digestible chunks.
  • Automation of exam results will ensure that learners know of their successes (or otherwise) within days rather than weeks.
  • Beyond The Certificate in Architectural Hardware learners can embark on Stage 3 to achieve the GAI Diploma. This part of the syllabus will focus entirely on the ability to be a professional practitioner in Scheduling.
  • The Certificate in Architectural Hardware and Diploma syllabuses will be online and available to learners throughout the world.

Essential content, ease of understanding and global access are vital elements of the education hub: offering an enhanced, interactive learning platform to an international audience.