Student Retake Options

The criterion for a pass was 60% through the combined results of your online course work and examination with a minimum of 50% in the exam room.

We hope that you will decide to retake the exam on Thursday 12th October 2017 in which case your existing online course work will be added to your retake mark. A retake registration form can be downloaded from this page for you to complete and return to by Thursday 5th October 2017. Note that venues will be decided on the basis of applications. If you pass the retake exam you will be able to progress to the next stage without missing a year.

Alternatively, you may opt to retake the examination next year on Thursday 21st June 2018, however you will be required to repeat the online coursework. If you wish take this route, please return the retake form ASAP so that you maximise the time available to complete your studies.